Brexit Redux

BRUSSELS – The EU governing council, meeting in closed session, today decided to one-up Great Britain by expelling it from the Union before it has a chance to resign.

Citing recent incidences of the UK “acting out” and having a “bad attitude” not conducive to the principals of the European Charter, the Council dismissed the issue “with prejudice”, legalistic jargon meaning it can’t be brought up again, as in: So long. Farewell. Auf weidersehen. Adieu.

Reaction from the Continent was swift. The prospect of a dramatic reduction in football (aka, soccer) hooliganism was foremost in everyone’s mind, as stadia throughout Europe outlawed body paint and resumed the sale of beer.

A spokesperson for the Council told this column that they had waited until today for the vote in order not to have to compete for U.S media headlines with Macy’s 4th of July celebration, Hilary Clinton’s FBI probe results or Donald Trump’s germaphobia.

London, out-maneuvered and humiliated by this unexpected turn of events, blamed Parliament for having gone “all wobbly”, while stiffening its collective upper lip in anticipation of further bombshells.

2 thoughts on “Brexit Redux

  1. The further fallout came this morning when at 0800 (Continental Time) the EU closed the doors to the Eurotunnel stranding half the Chunnel fleet on the continent. Simultaneously, airport authorities in the main continental airports impounded all British registered aircraft indicating the planes would be placed in escrow against anticipated UK costs associated with the leaving the mainland. EU ports moved with equal swiftness to impound British flag shipping saying they were generously allowing non-EU flag carriers to move freely even if they were carrying cargo to or from the UK. British Foreign Office spokespersons were unavailable for comment despite repeated attempts to call, email, and send social media queries.


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