About the Blog

In which the blogger formerly known merely as “Citizen Kane”, now well into his Third Age and unwilling to chance the humiliation of becoming irrelevant, leaves further wrestling with global issues to the boomers, Gen X-ers, millennials, Gen Z-ers, bellyachers, special-pleaders, truthers, half-truthers, trolls, and provocateurs vying for a voice.

I intend to plow the ground where news, opinion, and fable intersect, as seen from the perspective of a bemused newsosaur.

The blog will be part fact, part commentary, part whimsy, and entirely idiosyncratic. You can expect a new post whenever the humor’s upon me (capriciousness being a key entitlement under the Older Americans Act of 1965).

PRIVACY POLICY: Nude selfies are discouraged. If God wanted us to be seen naked, we’d have been born that way. Oh, wait…

DISCLAIMER: We are not responsible. ¯\_()_/¯

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