All Politics is Local

A recently unearthed video in which a charismatic young state senator from Chicago’s South Side, appearing on a restaurant-rating TV panel on WTTW in 1991, decides to play it safe and order the “Southern Sampler” rather than boldly going where he has never gone before, and risking biting into an ill-considered selection that might bite back.

Some might say that this demonstrates a characteristic that he has carried over to his present job as leader of the free world.

Others might say that this is the mark of the ultimate pragmatist, wisely keeping his options open, in order to eventually make a more informed decision.

Whereas still others might say: good grief, do you news people have to politicize everything!?

2 thoughts on “All Politics is Local

  1. This example shows how wise the decision by the European Court about ‘the right to be forgotten ‘ was and that this right should not only cover the digital domain but also TV clips!


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